An Alternative Education Program for Youth

About Songide'ewin

Songide’ewin is a Winnipeg school division program and is a satellite of Niji Mahkwa school. We offer an individual program which provides the opportunity for academic achievement based on individual needs, abilities, personal goals and commitment.

Students will set goals of independence through a chosen program which is based on their individual needs and abilities. We provide access to a variety of cultural, social, extra-curricular and community outreach activities which provide students a better understanding of their community and themselves.

Student Expectations

To ensure students get the most from their alternative education program from Songide'ewin, students will be required to:

Rules for Attendance

Every person at Songide'ewin has the right to feel safe and to be respected. The following general rules apply to every student at Songide'ewin:

  1. Treat all fellow students and staff with respect. Disrespectful and/or violent behaviour will not be tolerated.
  2. Sign in and sign out daily.
  3. Switch off your cell phone. Mobile phones are not allowed in class for any reason. The phone at Songide'ewin can be used only in emergencies or with prior permission from Songide'ewin staff.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing.
  5. Follow the general rules as they apply to the Winnipeg School Division.