An Alternative Education Program for Youth


Student Eligibility Criteria

We can take students meeting all of the following criteria:

How Do I Enroll?

If this sounds like a program for you or someone you know, please contact the Songide’ewin Program to make an appointment for a tour. To talk to someone about enrolling or to get more information, visit us at 484 Selkirk Avenue, or call us at 204-582-4577.

We accept applications on a first-come, first served basis during the months of September through November and February through April. Once we are full to capacity, we create a wait list and call students when spaces become available.

Intake Procedures

Upon application to the program, students participate in an intake interview with a staff member. During this time, registration forms are completed, and school rules are discussed. If all program criteria is met, the student will be placed on a two week probation.

During the probation period, the student’s attitude, attendance and academic ability and progress will be reviewed.

Students accepted into the program will be expected to maintain acceptable levels of attendance and effort. Students not accepted will be required to prove personal commitment before reapplying.