An Alternative Education Program for Youth

Songide'ewin Courses

Songide'ewin offers high school courses from grades 8 through 12.

GradeCourses Available
Grade 8LA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Phys. Ed.
Grade 9English 10F, Mathematics 10F, Science 10G, social studies, 10G, phys. Ed. 10F
Grade 10English 20F, Essential. Math 20F, Science 20G, Geography 20F, Phys. Ed. 20G
Grade 11English 30F, Essential Math 30F, Biology 30G, History 30G, Physical Education 30F
Mature Student Program - Offered In Partnership With Children of the Earth High School.
Grade 12Transaction Focus English 40S, Essential Math 40S, Law 40S, Family Studies 40S Physical Education 40F, Art 40G (Art to be completed at C.O.T.E)

Our program also offers several optional courses at different grade levels. Please contact us for details.

Academic Standards

All courses offered will be instructed by a Manitoba certified teacher. The curriculum will be mandated by the Manitoba Department of Education.